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A pen.

Documents for lawyers
(… not just pleadings)

An online service that produces documents for lawyers.

Use NetPleadings to quickly produce simple forms and efficiently compile complex documents.

Below is a brief overview of key features and how you can contact us.

A few features.

Online access

Access your documents on our secure site.


Store millions of searchable, reusable precedents.


Quickly find your clients, matters, documents, snippets.


Use keywords to classification and indicate workflow for documents and snippets.


Compare changes to documents over time.


Saving is automatic, every few seconds.


Cross-references defined terms show up where they are used.


When you pick dates, other dates in the document are shown.

Storage security

Your data is stored on a system audited for SOC1, SOC2, SOC3, ISO27001:2005, and FISMA(-Moderate) compliance.


Wield the same system used for books, making the set print easier to read, with less fatigue, and eliminating eye strain.

Standard files

Documents are produced in the PDF format, suitable for archiving, reproduction and printing.

Built-in support

Contact us without ever leaving NetPleadings through an easy form.

Interested? Get in touch.

Contact us by phone at
Email us at:

Get started

We have a limited roll-out. If you would like to see a demonstration or get started using NetPleadings please send us a message.

Commission a document set

We also provide the NetPleadings service with documents tailored to your needs. Please get in touch for more information about having documents customized to your preferences available on NetPleadings for you.

… or scroll down for a little more convincing.

Time — Give yourself more.


Our most precious resource. We strive to save time, to make time, to enjoy our time.

We want to save you from wasting time formatting, accessing, finding, editing, saving, and sharing documents.

In longer documents dates and definitions appear at opportune points so you do not have to move around the document to find them.

Mistakes, and missed takes.

No one appreciates the cost of mistakes more than lawyers. Making large sets of complex documents invites human error, but much of the source of those errors can be eliminated with well designed automation.

DRY: Don't Repeat Yourself

“Every piece of knowledge must have a single, unambiguous, authoritative representation within a system.”

When you only have to type something once, you can take the time to get it right and check it twice.

Addresses, dates, names, defined terms and other reusable information in NetPleadings is presented in relevant places. Re-using is as simple as clicking.